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Kindergarten overview

School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.
- Lon Waters

Kindergarten classes serve as one of the most important parts of a child’s education. They are designed to help children develop essential skills and habits that they need for future success, such as independence, creativity, curiosity about learning new things (also called “learning explorations”), cooperation with classmates and teachers which is an integral precursor to problem-solving skills), developing empathy towards others by practicing how other people feel all these together have been shown through decades of research on cognition development from some famous psychologists like Piaget or Vygotsky.

Kindergarten overview
Kindergarten Programme

The Kindergarten in Glow Montessori Centre (GMC HRD), Hosur Road, Electronic City, Bengaluru is 2-year programme Kindergarten classrooms offer individualized instruction tailored specifically around each student’s needs; this allows students who might otherwise struggle academically early on to get extra assistance.

Kindergarten - 1 (KG-1): This level is suitable for children in the age group of 4 years. At this level, subject-based learning starts for the children. The activities of the curriculum focus on developing language, math, and environmental skills.

The monthly themes aim to develop the reading, writing and logical skills that also contribute to the achievement of developmental milestones in this age group.

Kindergarten - 2 (KG-2): This level is suitable for children in the age group 5 years The child in this level is nurtured within the framework of a designed curriculum. The focus remains on academic progress along with the honing of life skills and talents.

The kindergarten classrooms provide a stimulating learning environment for the child through colourful and immaculately created anchor charts and learning aids to support visual learning.

Assessment is through a system of ‘Continuous Informal Evaluation’ which is built into the daily lesson plans. The CIE is based on the children’s class work, theme-based worksheets, children’s participation in and their performance of hands-on activities, as well as the observation by the teachers.

The following curricular areas are integrated to provide a wholesome learning experience:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Environmental Science
  • Music, Arts, Craft, and others

Letters and numbers
Children are involved in fun-filled activities to help them recognise various letters and numbers. They also develop vocabulary skills related to letters which contribute to their language. Further, skills like sorting, matching, and pairing of numbers are also learnt. Opportunities are created and children are involved in various games and activities to identify, observe, and play with numbers and letters throughout the day.